Guide to Buying Horse Property in Colorado

Purchasing horse property in Colorado is an equestrian dream. From custom built barns to leisurely riding right in your backyard, the possibilities are endless for what you could do with the amount of acreage that this beautiful state supplies. If you’re ready to start searching for your ideal property, how do you begin? As a real estate agent that specializes in horse properties in Colorado, we’ve helped many individuals start this process. In this guide, you’ll find our best tips and suggestions for purchasing equestrian land, and hopefully we’ll answer some of the questions that you may have.


Horse Property in Colorado


Identify Your Needs

When you first start thinking about what property suits you and your house, it’s okay to think big. If you could have everything you wanted, what would that look like? An arena? Mountainous trails? Prairie for grazing? The details will come later, but when you first consider property, dream a little. This can help you decide what is truly important to you, and what you could eventually build up towards in the future.

Once you had the chance to form your perfect ideals, you can start to apply rationality to your criteria. You and your horse(s) will have specific needs depending on the breed, the discipline, and your goals. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Space

How much acreage do you need to do what you want? How much are you willing to spend to get that space? What is the environment that you’d like to be in?

  • Number of Horses

How many horses do you own? Would you want more in the future? Does the property already have a barn or stable, or would you need to build one?

  • Commute

Will you be living on the property or will you commute? How far are you willing to drive?

  • Housing

Do you want housing for your horse already in place, or are you willing to build it?


Find a Real Estate Agent that Specializes in Horse Properties

One of the largest decisions that you’ll make is, do you want a real estate agent for buying horse property? The answer is a resounding yes—but not just any real estate agent will be who you need. A real estate agent who specializes in the market of equestrian property will have a large degree of knowledge when it comes to this niche type of land. You want an agent who knows the area, who can identify things like water rights, zoning, utility access, land loan criteria, and so much more. Further, finding a real estate agent who owns and rides horses will make a difference as well. This agent will know the practicalities of horse ownership, and if a property will truly suit your needs in the future.



While looking around at property, try to balance your needs with budget. Typically, the price of property depends on the location, facilities available, and demand. Because of this, it might be helpful to talk with a financial adviser and a real estate agent to see what works for you. Also consider land loans available in Colorado.



Out of all the criteria of horse property, however, location is key. Do you want to own land in Eastern Colorado? Are you envisioning a southwest Pueblo ranch? What about a view of the Rocky Mountains from Teller County? While Colorado is beautiful, certain locations can be tricky for your horse. Mountainous terrain can either be the best or the worst for a horse. The right location is probably somewhere that has good soil quality, appropriate vegetation, and a reliable water source.


Visit the Property with your Agent

The only way to know if the property is right for your needs is to schedule a showing. When you’re there, pay attention to the scenery, your needs, and the neighbors nearby. If you can, a property inspection is also a great idea because it ensures that you’re getting quality for the money and a safe place for your horse. A great real estate agent will be able to do the research that you need to determine if it’s a good fit or not.


Catherine Brown-Swain – A Real Estate Agent Who Knows Horses

To ensure that you find the property you love, your best option is to choose a real estate agent who knows horses. Your knowledge of your horse’s needs combined with an expert agent helps you find a safe place that you and your horse will love. Catherine Brown-Swain is that person. Properties of Colorado has not only been specializing in horse property for many years, but she owns and loves horses on her ranch east of Colorado Springs.


If you need an expert real estate agent who is an expert on equestrian land, contact Catherine at Properties of Colorado. No dream is too large when you have a state as beautiful as CO.


“I Don’t Sell Properties… I Sell Lifestyles!”

Catherine Brown-Swain